About Us

TechGreen Solution (TGS) is the brain child of Mr. Trilok Shankar, a Serial Entrepreneur with a ‘Midas touch’! TechGreen Solution was formed with the Vision, to promote Green Technologies that impacts peoples lives positively. TechGreen Solution Vision, is to be the best in Green Field Tech, by providing Quality Products and Quality Services that exceeds the expectations of our customers!

At TechGreen Solution, we maintain the highest Standards with our Customers and Community at large. We are Customer Centric and do what is right, for our Customers and the Ecosystem.

TGS believes in treating our Customers with respect and faith. We grow through Creativity, Invention and Innovation. We integrate Honesty, Integrity and Business Ethics, into all aspects of our business functioning.

TechGreen Solution does Consulting, Design, Manufacture, Commissioning and Servicing, of its range of products. Our Products are Designed, Manufactured and Tested to the highest Standards, to ensure that every Equipment leaving our Factory, will work under the most demanding conditions.

Ozonator Generator Industry Usage

( Click on any image below, to view TechGreen Solution, Ozone Generator usage in the Industry )

Hotel / Restaurants
Food Processing / Packaging
Gyms / Yoga Centres / Locker Rooms

Poultry Farms / Aqua Culture
Swimming Pools

Commercial / Personal Vehicles
Cooling Towers
Sewage Treatment Plants
Drinking Water
Mold / Mildew
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