Ozonator Usage

Hotel / Restaurants

A Hotel room heavy with odors from past residents is an instant dampner to a Business trip or a Family vacation. Food and cigarette smoke smells and even stale perfumes can completely put one off despite all precautions to deodorize the rooms. Ozone application can create a welcoming ambiance with their heavy duty action which not only works on the surface level on bacteria and other harmful micro organisms but also eliminate all odors.

Food Processing / Food Packaging

Ozone application is known as a broad spectrum biocide against viruses, bacteria, bio-films, fungi and protozoa an antimicrobial agent tagged with numerous advantages. Since Ozone disinfects by oxidation processes it does not perform as a systemic poison to microorganisms but successfully eliminates them by oxidation. Ozone is currently a commercial applications of ozone in the food industry that includes fruits and vegetable, storage of seafood and ice making.

Gyms / Yoga Centres / Locker Rooms

A fitness center is an Odour factory due to perspiration, uniforms, gym bags, sweaty clothes, footwear, whirlpools, saunas, steam rooms, gym instruments and locker rooms can spread gems. Ozone generators use technology which assure you 99% of bacteria elimination. Ozone Generator is recommended to absorb the impure odours and annihilate mold, mildew, and other microorganisms. Leaving the ozone generator to do its magic overnight can completely purify and deodorize the air leaving a clean and refreshing environment that enhance your member’s experience. Bring freshness back into fitness!

  • Drinking Water Purification
  • Making the floors virus and bacteria free
  • Sanitation & disinfection of all areas of a hospital including
  • Operation theater
  • Intensive care units
  • Patient wards and rooms
  • Kitchen and laundry areas
  • Pharmacy
  • Diagnostic labs and equipment like scanners
  • Consultation areas
  • Toilets and wash areas
  • Conference halls and lecture rooms
Poultry Farms / Aqua Culture

Poultry farms often house a large number of birds in closed environment. Bird flus are very common and it is often very challenging to control bird plagues as it spreads rapidly causing devastation to poultry. They are also very susceptible to strong chemicals inhibiting productivity. Ozone Generators are the most advanced technology and disinfection agent that works organically for various food processing industries. It has specifically been
acclaimed by poultry and hatchery entrepreneurs for its effectiveness and economical aspect.

Swimming Pools

Ozone treatment is enormously effective for swimming pools owing to its exceptional ability to get better of the quality of water. It also extensively brings down costs associated with long term protection, resulting in large savings. Ozone dash up to be a strong oxidation and disinfection mechanism, assembly it really effective for swimming pools. Safety measures cause ozone to work as permitted, for use as a supplementary measure of swimming pool treatment. Ozone controls the chlorine content and trim down the residual concentration in the system. Iodine content in the water is also restricted when it is combined with ozone. Through this process it increases filter and coagulant efficiency.

Commercial and Personal Vehicles

Unwanted odours can penetrate the ceiling and cling to interior surfaces. Pet, body odours, seat and carpet smells can be complicated to get rid of. Certain odours are unseen and can affect our respiratory system. Ozone treatment targets the entire interior including materials like dust, air fabric, plastic, and metals. Ozone Vehicle Odour removal is an ideal action to endearingly remove critical odours with no artificial fragrances. Ozone is formed of molecular oxygen that consists of three oxygen atoms linked together as the upper atmosphere (the ozone layer) works naturally and act as shield for life on earth by filtering out ultraviolet radiation from the sun. It is the major element of smog and currently this is the country’s most obdurate urban air feature solutions.

Cooling Towers

There are three main factors to be controlled during extensive cooling tower water treatment.

  • Corrosion pipeline and heat exchanger element
  • Scaling in the pipeline and (primarily) in heat exchangers
  • Microbial expansion (bacteria, algae)
    Through ozone treatment technique, all these characteristic can be controlled cooperatively, focused mainly on chemical biocides, corrosion inhibitors and scale inhibitors.

Textile water treatment from textile factories on their continue diversify types of textile processing; dyeing, washing, rinsing and from an equalizer tank also organic pollutants to originate from organic compounds of acids, sizing materials, tallow etc. These pollutants are verified by use of biological treatment and ozonation is used to increase the biodegradability of the biologically resistant compounds and Ozone purify from all these odors exactly and effectively with its unbalanced gas of temperature and force encounter in water and waste water treatment plants, there are several methods in which ozone can be genarated.

Sewage Treatment Plants

Ozone works effectively in Sewerage and for Wastewater Treatment, beset with various contamination issues. The Ozonation system is economically and technologically the best when compared with another habitual treatment. Ozonation system propose the following benefits.

  • There is no need to purchase, Ship or store Chemical oxidants/ Disinfectants
  • There is no main Manpower/Labour required
  • Numerous Health and Safety anxiety can be eliminated.
Drinking Water

It is essential to use Ozone Generator application throughout drinking water treatment process during pre-oxidation and in-between oxidation. During pre-oxidation, an active carbon filter (GAC) purify the water that remove rest of the remaining organic matter. The other key highlights of the oxidation process involve.

  • Enhanced disinfection and reduction of disinfection by-products.
  • Odor and taste removal during pre-oxidation.
  • Removal of organic and inorganic matter.
  • Removal of micro-pollutants pesticides
Mold / Mildew

The Ozone Generators uses advanced technology to completely remove Odour and Impurities that thrive in sodden environments, especially locale with deprived ventilation. The spores can reproduce health issues, it may also ruin the building and other components. Ozone Generator treatment is an effective mechanism that smash the mildew and mold spores by depreciating the cell structure of the microorganisms and prevent its reproduction. It offers following benefits,

  • Kills pathogens quickly than other oxidants
  • Safely decomposes in oxygen
  • Protect PH levels
  • Effectively oxidizes metals including magnesium, iron and other metals
  • Moderately oxidize organic materials in water into biodegradable materials that filters from water.
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