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Need to stay away from home for the first time? The first thing anyone notes is cleanliness, it is very necessary to keep the dormitories clean, so as not be prone to attacks of colds, flu, staph (such as MRSA), meningitis, and mononucleosis, that are infinitely prevalent in dorm life.Only a broad-based sanitization strategy, such as shock treatments using high output ozone generator mechanism efficaciously destroy the microorganisms hidden in these ‘close quarters.

How challenging?

Student residence/dormitories are commonly ‘the stays away homes’ for the first time and the environment is often unsanitary, leaving one to prone diseases. The microorganisms are usually hidden and thus it is difficult to destroy by convention cleaning technique. In addition to the increased risk of infection, it is difficult to mitigate them without an Ozone generator.


Popular scientific studies confirm that ozone is very effective for biocide, capable of destroying the microorganisms which is in charge for disease and critical odours. Ozone’s influence in these types of applications is effective as it is able to spread to all corners of the facility without any stress and accurately travels all over. We don’t have to depend on large scale labour.. As one of the nature’s strongest oxidant, (fluorine being the second), it is mainly one of the powerful odour eliminates this aggressive odours with no residual chemicals left behind as ozone renovate into a fresh, breathable oxygen after its moderately short half-life.

Deal easily!

The treatment of apartment dormitories odor removal can be accomplished within a span of short time, and if the space is normally very small it is recommend to use four to five times in a week.