Ozone in Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are a great place to meet, work and brainstorm ideas. Nothing can put off clients more than stale food odor, sweat and stagnant air. They should be always inspiring new ideas with the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Very often closed environments attracting heavy footfalls can end up breeding micro organisms invisible to even trained eyes. They attach themselves to floor boards, posters, furniture fabrics, carpets and even trap vapors on walls. Over time they gather in tiny cracks and crevices and soon spread everywhere.

Ozone is highly recommended in the food industry because of its capability to disinfect microorganism without any chemical by-products it is an extremely reliable & powerful disinfectant that eliminates biological growth of undesired organisms specially found in ingredients and material used in the food processing industries. Chlorine and ammonia, commonly used in cleaning solutions and water, when combined form chloramine. Traditional filters would require minimum 15 minutes to eliminate chloramine in an average size container.

Ozone has an advanced treatment to eliminate coffee shop odor removal high loads of bacteria and stabilize the three oxygen elements such as carbon, hydrogen and other atoms and system produces ozone at a 1.5 ppm ratio; when it strikes the limit of use, the concentration is 1.2 ppm and in 30 seconds it simply disappears all mold and mildews without any human risks.