Ozone in Gym & Fitness Centers

A fitness center can be an odor factory due to many reasons. Also, Locker room are the first and last place that puts the impression on members/labors. If the facility is full of excess humidity, stand water or any offensive odor that would put even the clients off and devastate the business too.

Agitating odors emanating from perspiration, uniforms, gym bags, sweaty clothes, footwear, whirlpools, saunas, steam rooms, gym instruments and locker rooms can spread gems. Regular clean-up by staff will not be adequate to remove the musty smell, is it better to use technology when they assure you 99% of bacteria protection. Placement of the drains and sloping of the floor and invisibly present mold and mildew in nook and crevices. Microorganisms thrive on moist surfaces like shower walls, ceilings, gym equipment and inside the lockers too, one of the dangerous bacteria (MRSA) is high in spreading infections to the fitness members.

It is the management responsibility to understand the importance of Ozone generators at
Fitness centers odor removal it is an effective key in absorbing excess moisture from the showers, steam, bathroom and locker rooms that disinfectant by eliminating the bacteria sourced by bad odors. O3 is recommended to absorb the impure odors and annihilate mold, mildew, and other microorganisms.

Leaving the ozone generator to do its magic overnight can completely purify and deodorize the air leaving a clean and refreshing environment that enhance your member’s experience. Bring freshness back into fitness!