Ozone in Hospitals

Good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a significant measure in hospitals. With active play of all kinds of infections and germs, it becomes a humongous task for housekeeping staff to ensure a clean ambiance. The strong smell of medicines and disinfectants can be very overpowering.Ozone disinfects and sanitizes the air all around with minimal intrusion to the senses. It is known for its remarkable antibacterial, antiviral, and anti fungal properties making it suitable for hospitals.

Some of the areas in a hospital that Ozone finds significant use is:-

  • Drinking Water Purification
  • Making the floors virus and bacteria free
  • Sanitation & disinfection of all areas of a hospital including
  • Operation theater
  • Intensive care units
  • Patient wards and rooms
  • Kitchen and laundry areas
  • Pharmacy
  • Diagnostic labs and equipment like scanners
  • Consultation areas
  • Toilets and wash areas
  • Conference halls and lecture rooms


Pure drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce. With harmful contaminants and insensitive exploitation of water bodies like lakes, rivers and oceans to dump industrial and other factory wastes, the toxicity of water has been steadily on the rise. Inefficient management of water resources further adds to the woes. Plagued by increasing demand for clean potable water, harmful chemicals like chlorine are used.

Ozone provides a robust alternative as a water purification system due to its high oxidation properties. It reduces the dependency on chemicals and can be used across all areas of the hospital including nursing homes, diagnostic centers, pathology labs etc. Ozone application destroys the bacteria spontaneously through a powerful process, It activates sludge control in water tanks and can be used for both storage as well as bottle purification. Many harmful bacteria like Giardia & Cryptosporidium and other microbes are effectively eliminated providing clean, fresh and healthy drinking water.

Operation Theater – Fumigation

Operation theaters are required to maintain a clean and sterile environment. Manual cleaning is not only inadequate but also inefficient Super specialty hospitals use huge Ozone generators to decontaminate the operating rooms before and after surgeries. During Ozone application, the space is sealed and made airtight so it can effectively destroy and neutralize bacteria present in the room. Fumigation is the process by which Ozone sterilizes the enclosed area. During the process, anesthetics and chemicals used leave a haze in the room enveloping surgical equipment’s, beds, and stands and other equipment. Fumigation is the only effective method to sterilize the air and equipment making it clean and sterile for the next procedure.

Operation theater- Hand Wash

Operation theaters perform critical procedures where cleanliness and hygiene is of paramount importance. Lives are endangered even if there is a slight oversight or casual approach. Water, thus plays a very crucial role in clinics and hospitals. The quality of water used for hand wash before health care workers handle patients or procedures has to be optimum. Seemingly clear water can also be carrier of deadly germs and bacteria. Water used for hand wash is organised to ensure it is completely disinfected with no use of chemicals.


Ozone replaces 21% of chemicals present in detergents used for washing. Laundry cycles can be made power efficient as Ozone works with natural gas (necessary heat) (Energy maintenance range from 86-90%). Ozone destroys all bacteria and viruses on linen, wiping clothes, uniforms it lowers COD levels and obviously fewerlabours.


Bacteria, virus, and fungus are invisible microorganisms infused on the floor, this infection can pose serious risk to health. Ozone acts amazingly and effectively in preventing the growth of bacteria and mildew in all spaces including rooms, balconies and washrooms. Ozone is proven to decrease asthma by 8% – 25% and other respiratory illnesses by 23 % – 76%. It not only eliminates harmful allergens and pollutants but also deodorizes the area spreading clean, fresh and vibrant air keeping both staff and patients in a cheerful mood.


Hospital odor removal often use deodorizers to remove kitchen odours but these are chemicals which are not recommended for areas where food is cooked. Ozone leaves no chemical deposit and also has a powerful anti-microbial invasion. It is also non corrosive and does not cause damage to metal and wood like other chemicals do. They also sanitize water sewerage systems and remove all traces of microorganisms. Aqueous ozone has shown effectiveness as an adequate sanitizer in multiple applications during food processing.


Ozone supplicate all bacteria, bio films, and viruses. The presence of Ozone in water is quickly measured and verified with standard instrumentation and analytical procedures. Using Ozone also eliminates all hazards linked with the handling, storage, control of toxic chemicals.


Most institutions are opening up to the ecological and monetary benefits of waste water recycling. Recycled water, though not drinkable has a wide usage. From flush tanks to cleaning grounds, vehicles and watering plants. Ozone application reduces chemicals and eliminates harmful contaminants like textile dye, starch, FOG (Fat, Oil, Grease, detergents, pesticides and insecticides. It also oxidizes petrochemicals found in groundwater. What’s more, Ozone is a virtually an inexhaustible resource and completely Eco-friendly. Once ozone is dissolved into water, ozone regresses to oxygen transmitting no residue.

Intensive Care Unit

Ozone is a remarkably effective, safe and economical method of reducing common bacteria – Probably this is one of the reasons Ozone is highly recommended. It breaks down complex bacteria like the one found in mucous and leaves behind only Oxygen.


Abhorrent restroom odor can be a major put off at health centers/hospital and can be detrimental to the health of staff, patients and visitors. It can also acquire into the ducts of the air conditioning systems spreading the foul air everywhere. It becomes essential to opt for a planned & a customized solution.

Ozone is effective in preventing the growth of bacteria and mildew in bathrooms and neutralizes unpleasant restroom odors. Ozone generator installed into public restrooms retain low levels of bacteria and deodorize the area making it pleasant and amenable for clients and guests.


Ozone Generators are used to oxidize the VOC and refine the indoor air by infusing it in the HVAC systems and in an abandoned residence the VOC works really well when the ozone relapses back to oxygen, all of the VOC’s in the air will terminate and improve indoor air quality.
Ozone works very effectively in an empty room and very quickly sanitizes and deodorizes the area. It eliminates the musty and mawkish closed room smells which often penetrates the linen and curtain materials. It has absolute zero tolerance to bacteria and mildew. Air conditioned closed environs can often lead to the growth of bacteria and fungi, which are effectively destroyed by Ozone.

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