Ozone in Hotels

Nothing can put an instant dampener on a vacation or a business trip as a hotel room heavy with odors from past residents. Food and cigarette smoke smells and sometimes even stale perfumes can completely put one off despite all precautions to deodorize the rooms, have been taken.

Modern hotels are designed to ensure a healthy air flow and air colling ducts which can be cleaned with ease. However some of the heritage hotels which were either palaces or royal residences, built before the era of air conditioners, make it impossible to include these elements simply because of their fragility or lack of access. They become breeding grounds for bacteria and indoor air pollution with dust and other particles trapped inside the building due to lack of ventilation and dull air circulation, hotel odor removal, Air conditioner accumulates mold and mildew on coils and these musty odors lead to critical health diseases and would definitely disappoint the guests who come with high expectations.

Ozone application can create a welcoming ambiance with their heavy duty action which not only works on the surface level on bacteria and other harmful micro organisms but also eliminate all odors.

Ozone can be activated in the following areas to eliminate bad and strong bacteria’s.
Fumigate a hotel studio in just 10 minutes.

  • Keeps a lounge, bar and lobby air pleasant and fragrant at all times.
  • Protects garbage spaces and keep them bacteria-free.
  • Destroys mold, mildew, and fungus from newly painted rooms, cupboards, and polished wood.
  • Deodorizes smoking zones by destroying mold and mildews.
  • Maintains clean and fresh environment in spas and beauty salon by eliminating strong odors of chemical sprays.
  • Prevent the expansion of mold, mildew, and fungus on carpets, walls and musty odors circulated in closed and corner spaces.
  • Neutralize kitchen smells by destroying distasteful odor causing bacteria from trashcans, drains and counters
  • Strong odor of fish, meats, garlic, and other strong stanching ingredients from inside the fridge and freezer which no detergents can eliminate. Ozone travels through the cracks and corners with advanced cleaning method.
  • Ozone compose your perishables last longer, areas like pantry or in the refrigerator. It supports to spread air free from bacteria, which slows down the ripening of fruits and vegetables and extends the life of meat and eggs substantially.
  • By disinfecting the kitchen it also significantly reduces the bacterial load deterring insects like cockroaches and flies.
  • The staff washrooms, powder rooms, and shoe box have hidden bacteria that can be completely eradicated.
  • In toilets & public restrooms, ozone deodorize the area effectively in preventing the growth of bacteria and mildew neutralizing unpleasant bathroom odors.
  • Ozone decreases laundry equipped expenses and helps in sensitization by creating a fresh and energetic aroma throughout the space.