Ozone in Laundries

Save hot water consumption by Ozone application

Normally at laundry operations temperatures vary from 60 to 75C. The purpose of ozone saves hot water utilization and can potentially reduce the temperature to 30 to 35C and utilize cold water in following water rotation. This is because ozone leads to the production of oxygen which increases detergents potential in cleaning permitting the reduction of temperature. This also gives a long life to the attires and reduces the consumption of electricity.

Reduces the use of chemicals

Detergent used for laundry installation is effective than the regular those when combine with ozone. This is for the reason that ozone permits a main diffusion and is used for laundry water treatment with high performance and cleaning efficiency.

ozone can be utilized as an oxidizing and disinfecting agent and to control the use of chloride bleaching and prevention of damage to most fabrics.

Alkali from detergent and whiteners are deposited in the linen fabrics and elevate PH levels and it is familiar to use chemicals to set the scales of the PH. The use of ozone assists in maintaining neutral PH levels.

By tradition, softeners are utilized to reduce static voltage and Ozone works tremendously remarkable in controlling the formation of static electricity. additionally, the quantity of water to rinse out the detergent is compacted as well as the need of cesspit services.It guarantees long life for clothes and may possibly increase the lifetime of the machines by the reduction of the need to use harsh chemicals.

Powerful disinfectant

There is no wonder why Ozone application is widely spread at hospitals and lab rooms. When Ozone rules all ineffective agent will be barred! As Ozone is a biocide that easily controls odors, kills viruses and gets rid of any bacteria up to a 99% it is widely used in laundry.

More efficient laundry operations:

Better quality of outlet water injected into the sewage system use the ozone reduces the rinse cycles, less residual pathogens, PH balance, less residual chemicals and the reduction of water and energy consumption, the drying time, it opens fibers of the clothes and in the extraction cycle period, it detaches the water really well, it also prevent the benefits of the colour and non-colour of the fabric. Ozone examine the consumption of detergents, water, and energy. That means it almost save 50% economically.

High performance and less damage of clothes

The brushing effects of ozone when combined with other detergents, is truly powerful. Thus clothes look new and whiter when compared with other conventional methods. The reduction in the use of chemicals, rinse cycles and dryer cycle time in laundry operations helps in a more economical functioning.

Learn more about ozone disinfection – 7 good reasons to use ozone generators for laundries::

  • Disinfection mechanism and reduced use of chemicals
  • Save water and energy consumption
  • Disinfection kinetics
  • OH radicals and improve cleaning power
  • Disinfect microorganisms and improve laundry operations
  • Resistant micro-organism
  • Creates a pleasant environment for staff and clients