Ozone in Locker Rooms

The Ozone generator is a powerful appliance to repair bad odors at fitness centers and locker rooms, promising an outcome to destroy mold and mildew into fresh aroma right through the facility.

Locker rooms, work out units, and fitness clubs services are disreputable for mounting odors and smell musty many a times. It is a huge task to eliminate locker rooms odor removal, is essential because moisture from the showers, steam and washrooms combine with steam and body odors to impregnate the facility. Microorganisms thrive in this type of milieu. These unseen fumes are found in the cracks, crevices, wall surfaces, ceilings, equipment even after cleaning by the organization staff.

The O3 generator oxidizes the locker room, exercise units, and fitness clubs and works effectively to wipe out mold, mildew, and other microorganisms and promises to leave your guests with a healthy environment.

The unit should be turned off for a couple of hours before the facility re-opens. This method may be repeated monthly, weekly or even daily, depending on the severity of odors