Ozone in Mold

Don’t be apprehensive to clean your home especially when you’re dealing with water damage as ozone intervention guarantees tremendous results by destroying invisible molds and mildew effortlessly.

Use advanced technology to completely remove the odor rather the manpower treatment. Ozone (O3) Shock treatment regeneration is cooperative to remove impurities that thrive in sodden environments, especially locale with deprived ventilation as it helps in removing musty smells. These spores can reproduce health issues, it may also ruin the building and other components.

Ozone treatment is an effective mechanism that smash the mildew and mold spores by
depreciating the cell structure of the microorganisms and prevent its reproduction.


    • Ozone is a powerful oxidant for disinfecting water and sanitize.
    • Kills pathogens quickly than other oxidants.
    • Safely decomposes in oxygen.
    • Protect PH levels.
    • Effectively oxidizes metals including magnesium, iron and other metals.
    • Moderately oxidize organic materials in water into biodegradable materials that filters from water.

Ozone mold odor remover works best through its time setter settings that helps in scheduling according to time accessibility. The course of action depends on the size of the space and intensely entrenched the mold and odors affected. It can take several hours or longer to take away massive damp smells and eliminate mold and mildew entirely.

The ozone (O3) odor remover, set to work on hour prior to the area being used. Periodic use ensures the cleansed ambiance leftovers pristine and pure.