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Hatcheries odor removal bangalore

Poultry farms often house a large number of birds in closed environment. Bird flus are very common and it is often very challenging to control bird plagues as it spreads rapidly causing devastation to poultry. They are also very susceptible to strong chemicals inhibiting productivity.


the chemical also run the risk of making their way to the food chain if accidentally
absorbed or consumed by the birds making it very hazardous.


it is one of the most advanced technology and disinfection agent that works
organically for various food processing industries. It has specifically been
acclaimed by poultry and hatchery entrepreneurs for its effectiveness and economical aspect.

Develops quality of the shelf life of Poultry odor removal  brings about the following benefits.

  • Quickened
  • weight gain
  • Refined
  • feed conversion
  • Enhanced
  • layer output
  • Diminishes rate and stops the spread of contagious diseases
  • Joint action on air and purifies water used in the industry
  • No growth in pathogen evolution (as seen with chlorine
  • Increase in refined dissolved oxygen
  • Reduces mortality rate of birds
  • Comprehensive and double purified drinking water and air purification
  • Transforms other rare chemical applications
  • A sustainable cleansing agent as the technology is organic based

To avoid harmful bacteria it is highly recommended for those who have huge Poultry farming, this would help them to maintain fresh and healthy environment for both owner and birds as cleanliness and hygiene is of paramount importance. This will also rapidly increase the business economy.