Bar odor removal

A demanding stressful life with a growing youth community with throwaway incomes, nightlife has seen a swift consumption or a pure entertainment hangouts. Restaurants, bars, lounges, casinos and snooker centers draw a heavy tread through the week and weekends by both teenagers and middle ages.

The ozone treatment is a natural eliminator for Bar and Pub odors without synthetic fragrances. The Ozonators acts to kill microorganisms that often grow in these environments due to smoke fumes, body odor, poor ventilation, drinking establishment from food, alcoholic and other beverages also other substances that get trapped in the carpet, furniture and fabrics. This would fall of the business and also put the guest’s health on risk.

With skilled staff having access to only surface areas, within reach, difficult to reach areas like ducts, tubes and decorative ceiling hangings trap vapors and microorganisms make these places an open invitation to diseases. Air sprays and deodorizers usually contain parables which are toxic and if inhaled can cause severe lung damage and various forms of cancer over a period of time.

Ozone not only oxygenates the air, keeping it fresh and vibrant and bar odor removal any microorganism growth in air conditioner grills and ducts as also bar areas where spillages are very common. For busy areas, the ozone facility can be switched on a couple of hours ahead of the facility opening up and can be kept on during the evenings to ensure a constant supply of fresh air.