school odor removal

Schools are centers for learning, providing a nurturing environment for children to explore, learn, and grow. Given the responsibility schools have in shaping the minds and destinies of children, it becomes important to ensure the ambiance is conducive to create a vibrant, fresh and invigorating experience.

Each classroom comprises of 25-60 children, who spend large parts of the day in a closed environment. During breaks and PT classes, they play active sports and come back into these closed spaces laden with dust and sweat making it a breeding ground for bacteria. Children are also more prone to viral and other infections. Small children often sneeze and cough openly spreading infections.

Apart from classrooms, school administrative offices, auditoriums, staff rooms, storage areas, canteen, indoor gymnasiums, sports courts, toilets and wash areas are all liable to breed invisible and harmful germs. Damp places further attract mold, spores and microorganisms.With hundreds of children congregating, it becomes very important for schools to ensure the upkeep and maintenance of the place around the clock. Some old schools also lack proper ventilation making the quality of air suspect. A harmful environment is known to cause learning and other deficiencies in children over prolonged periods.

Ozone is the perfect solution for school odor removal as it not only purifies and oxygenates the atmosphere but also comes with an automatic timer ensuring it requires minimal manual intervention. Deodorizers contain harmful parables and are laden with chemicals. O3 helps remove all toxicity from the air and ensures a clean, fresh and perfect environment for the young children.