3 Reasons You Should Use An Ozone Generator

What is an Ozone Generator?

Well, it is the future and Ozone Generators are a thing now and do exactly what their name suggests. Now, adding a little chemistry into this; O2 is the gas that we usually breathe in also popularly known as oxygen. Now, Ozone is a different particle known as O3. It is the gas known to protect our Earth from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. However, Ozone has a lot of other features that you just might want to know!

Excellent Air Purifier

Ozone is an excellent air purifier and is known to kill off any harmful substances in the air that you breathe in. However, too much of ozone itself can be harmful so remain careful while using an ozone generator.  An ozone generator can kill off all the harmful bacteria in the air and make the air that you breathe in purer by just emitting the O3 for just a minute. Yes, a minute of O3 spread throughout your house is enough to make your air safer!

Odor Controller

Ever been in a situation where you are a diehard animal lover but could not deal with the odor that came with them? Well, time to say goodbye to that problem because the ozone generator has got that under control for you as well. The controllers make the smell of the deficit negligible. Often, these odors do not go away easily even after washing or cleaning multiple times but with the regular use of the ozone generators, these odors are unnoticeable!

Smoke and Dust Control

Not only do the ozone generators clean the air but also make it smoke and dust free. There is bound to be that one room in our house where all the work takes place but it is often impossible to breathe in there because of the smoke and the dust emitted during the work process; well, worry not because the ozone controls and cleans the air of all dust and smoke making it easier and less harmful to breathe in!


Ozone generators are without a doubt, the future and something that you should have in your house! There are plenty of Ozone dealers out there but it is often up to you to decide about which kind of generator suits your needs the best. So, get going!

How Can We Bring A Sustainable Solution In Our Homes

How Can We Bring A Sustainable Solution In Our Homes

The world around is booming with technology. We now even have smart cars and smart houses. In this process, the human race has depleted the environment and made it unsafe for themselves even. This is where the concept of sustainable development comes in, for the survival of future human generations. One of the ways of doing this is by using Ozone Generators. Our environment creates ozone as a natural cleaner and disinfectant during thunderstorms, and also from sunlight striking the earth’s atmosphere. After a thunderstorm, oxygen (O2) is converted into ozone (O3). This creates a fresh and disinfected environment. It reverts to O2 after some time.

Nature Eliminates

Nature eliminates odors and microorganisms using both UV light and O3. Ozone sanitizes the environment by breaking down odors, disease-causing microorganisms and other pollutants at their source. This leaves the air that we breathe fresh and clean because the sources of odors and diseases have been completely depleted. Techgreen is an ozone dealer company, which creates Ozonators. Ozonators are devices that employ the cleaning power of nature and create an outdoor fresh environment in your home or facility. Ozonators are ozone generators created by Techgreen Solutions for providing you with a clean and disinfected environment indoors.

The company produces various models of Ozanators with different specs based on the size of the room. There are various models available for hotel rooms, rental cars, nursing homes and hospital rooms, office rooms, cruise ship cabins, and boats. The devices have a timer that turns the device off automatically when the sanitizing process is complete. There is also a “Hold” selection on the timer, so the space can be sanitized for extended periods in order to eliminate deeply ingrained odors. The company also creates custom units according to the user’s needs and requirements.

Ozone Generators

3 Reasons To Choose TechGreen Solution

People, on earth, like sweet illusions because it gives them the feeling that they are away from dangers and apathy. We still believe that the water we drink is clean, the air we breathe is pure, and the food that we eat is healthy. The truth is, however, far more terrifying. Water, food, air, and everything that we usually come across are actually polluted.

In fact, we have come up with some of the solutions to this problem- chlorination and all. But, these solutions are meant to end one problem just to create another. They are all artificial and non-biodegradable.

TechGreen Solution has come up with Ozonators- or the “Ozone Generators”. It is the technology of the new era. It is the most efficient and effective air as well as water purifier known as yet. It is created by natural thunders and lightning that is actually stimulated with the help of electric current. It is 100% renewable and releases no residue. It is also potentially stronger than any another method known till date.

TechGreen Solution

TechGreen Solution is the brainchild of an entrepreneur Mr. Trilok Shankar. TechGreen has the vision to promote green technologies. In order to so, they have come up with technologies that have the potential to change our vision towards technology. They create stuff that allows healthy and sustainable living.

Some of their products are- TGCDI, TGAP-350, TGW-2, and more.

Why choose TechGreen Solution?

Having read the stuff written above the reasons seem to be pretty obvious. However, extracting from it the three reasons stating “why one should choose TechGreen Solution” are as follows-

  • It offers technologies that are meant to solve the problems in a green and natural way.
  • The products they offer do not generate any residue, whatsoever.
  • They make the technologies available at affordable rates and prices.


If you want an efficient as well as a natural solution to your problems then TechGreen Solution is the right thing to turn to. It promotes green and completely biodegradable ways to deal with the problems.

Ozone Generators – All You Need To Know

Ozone Generators – All You Need To Know

Ozone is a molecule made up of three atoms of oxygen. These three atoms form an unstable toxic gas that is highly reactive with other gases in the air. Ozone generators are an electronic appliance whose primary function is to emit the virulent ozone gas. This emission is used to clean the air or abolish the smoke redolence. Generally, ozone formation takes places in absence of reaction of oxygen. The ozone generators are said to give out about 3 grams of ozone every hour. The most effective usage of these devices is at high concentrations when the concerned room is completely sealed and evacuated from any forms of life. This gas provides short-term relief to problems of contamination. However, it doesn’t help in case of chlorinated hydrocarbons like vinyl and plastic. While in the case of mould, the gas kills most of the spores but does not completely remove the pollutants contained in them. The ozone is just reserved to deal with these spores found on the surface of a substance hence it isn’t effective in dealing with materials such as stale furnishings.

Advantages of ozone generators

Ozone gas can successfully be used to remove impurities from water in case of some applications. The reason behind this is that very high amounts of ozone can be used in water and the chemical reactions take place underwater itself. Hence, they do not affect the human beings who aren’t in exposure to these reactions. Ozone at various concentrations can be used for water purification, bleaching, disinfection, to speed up the aging process of certain substances, removal of smoke and air purification by killing of germs like bacteria and viruses. Ozone generators in form of air purifiers eliminate tobacco smoke and other smells. They even reduce the smell of smoke in fire refurbishment jobs and also that of bacteria, mould or viruses from the garbage. These devices also help to reduce the levels of bacteria present in food plants. As a matter of fact, ozone gas has a short life cycle in the air and thus decomposes to oxygen on its own.

Disadvantages of ozone generators

The ozone generators might not be effective enough. Although some dealers say that ozone purifies every chemical impurity present in the home by reacting with them chemically; it is not completely genuine. Researches have shown that any chemical reaction will take years to completely remove the hazardous impurities present inside a home. It was also noted that ozone cannot remove gasses like Carbon Monoxide and etcetera. When it is used in concentrations less than which affects human health, it is hardly effective to remove the germs or pollutants in the air. Alongside the elimination of contaminants from the air; these ozone generators come with some side effects which are quite important to be taken a note of. The reaction of ozone with other chemicals results in the formation of hazardous by-products. Hence, the target contaminants might be removed but even dangerous byproducts may be formed in the process. Even though the ozone generators promise to remove the most harmful pollutants, they fail to take out the dust and pollen which the air contains. These particles are generally responsible for the allergic reactions in the human body. Nowadays, these generators come with an ionizer to be able of removing these particulates by producing negative ions into the air which are chemically attractive in nature. Another issue of concern is that it’s not easy to determine the exact amount of ozone being generated by this device. The concentration is high when the space of emission is small and the generator is quite powerful. The closure or opening of doors also affects this concentration. The presence of furniture in the room, the scale of air ventilation and the human proximity from the ozone generators are few other factors determining this variation of concentration. The amount of emitted ozone that is supposed to purify the air, needs to remain very low to keep the lungs of the exposed individuals safe from damage. However, such a low level isn’t enough to kill the germs present in the air. Ozone gas cannot remove bad odor. Instead, it numbs the sense of smell. The inability to perceive any smell eliminates our natural property of warning against the subjection to high concentrations of this harmful gas. Alongside being harmful to life, ozone also damages furniture made of plastic or rubber.

A better solution

It is advisable to choose High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter or HEPA filters over the ozone generators. These are much safer and more effective than the ozone generating devices. HEPA filters do not generate the hazardous ozone gas. Instead, it traps the air pollutants present inside the home without the use of any chemical reactions. These are the only type of air purifiers which meet the standards for efficaciousness set up by the Environmental Protection Agency. In some cases, these filters are combined with technologies like pre-filter and activated carbon for the betterment of efficiency. With the help of these, HEPA filters can remove all forms of contaminants from the indoor air.


Despite the ill hazards, ozone generators in Bangalore are still sold in the market. Although some agencies and governments have tried taking action against the health issues caused by these devices; none of them could gain the absolute authority to manage the ozone emission from this ozone generating devices or air purifiers and the actions haven’t been effective enough to address the critical issues. Since the composition of all products in a building cannot be determined, it isn’t possible to assume the benefits that can be expected from an ozone treatment.

Major role of Ozone generator in our life

Ozone’s magic just expands amazing, a picnic with the family or traveling with dog in your car, your vehicle might not be in a condition to with fresh aroma. Your stability of your mind would go off if these leftover food smells, spilt drinks and musty pet odors and the sneaky cigarette puffed inside the car is hard to remove manually.

Ozone Car Odor generator is a perfect act to permanently remove critical odors with no artificial fragrances. Eliminating these bad odors would keep the toddlers health safe. It is not just for cars but also trucks, vans, RVs, limos, tour buses any automotives. Take pleasure over a smooth ride into a fresh smelling dream vehicle!

It is the management responsibility to recognize the importance of Ozone generator suppliers are an effective key in engrossing excess moisture from the showers, steam, bathroom and locker rooms. It is full of excess humidity, regular clean-up by staff will not be adequate to remove the musty smell, is it better to utilize technology when they assure you 99% of bacteria free fortification. It is important to keep the area specially locker room clean with fresh air as that would put off the clients and business would devastate.

Ozone is up to thousand times faster and extra powerful than chlorine at eliminating bacteria, molds, cysts and inactivating virus while providing you with purity not achievable with standard chemicals. The unique fact of Ozone generator is that microorganisms do not build up resistance when it is treated with ozone. It is really important to purchase ozone generator from genuine dealers with great customer service. Recently. Techgreensolution has been doing their best.

Ozone generators in Bangalore vis highly useful for situation involved with fire damage. A thick smoke smell keeps lingered even after it’s restored for hours or many days. It exists especially on furniture and on clothes. Ozone is wrought for the molecule commercially by the use of ultraviolet light. As (O3) flow and approach in contact with organic bacteria, the extra atom of oxygen destroys the contaminants, retort chemically and odors restore a spanking new ambience to the possessions.

The generator can be used based on the force of the odor and change the structure of the molecules in the burn that has render bad odor. For long settled smells, the extra oxygen atom attacks to the other molecules that create a new molecule which generate none smell by oxidation. A usage of two to three days is compulsory to completely eliminate the seeped odor. Ozone generator effectively helps in cleaning techniques in most best ways that helps in that shatter the mildew, mold spores and microorganisms and prevent from reproduction. The ozone (O3) odor dissolver, set to toil on our prior to the locale being used (recommended at an empty space). Periodic use ensures the cleansed ambiance leftovers pristine and pure. Welcome each day with fresh and healthy fragrance.


Are you looking for Ozone Generators in Bangalore

Ozone destroys the bacteria, as well as the Virus, including the Sporus, Fungus and Yeast completely. It is not only a disinfectant, but also throws away all the odour, heavy metals such as iron and manganese, including all the toxic substances and even the pesticides as well.


Actually, Ozone is found to be an ideal for drinking water treatment in order to kill E.coli, Crysptosporidium as well as the Rotanirus. Thus, ozonators in Bangalore have been generating various ozone generators which are broadly used for making the air free from any pollution. The main function of ozone generators is to clean indoor air and prevent any air pollution with ease.


You must ensure if the ozone generators in Bangalore use reliable services as well as premium quality products which are generally known for the smooth working, as well as operation, low maintenance and cost effectiveness. The smerged as a huge player in rendering quality solutions,

Our reliable services and premium quality products are known for their smooth working, operation, low maintenance and cost effectiveness usually merged as a major player in offering quality solutions, includes the unbeatable services which are simply to meet the industry standards.

Ozone Suppliers in Bangalore generally uses certain equipments to disinfect waste water after the biological treatment. These ozonators are specially designed and manufactured in compliance with the international quality standards, and further oxidizes a broad range of organics to destroy the phenolic compounds. These are actually more durable, efficient as well as reliable system which needs less maintenance which is simply customized as required by the client.

These reliable ozone manufacturing services in Bangalore just found to be very reactive and strongest. This becomes commercially available by disinfecting the agents. However, it is most efficient for the broad- spectrum microbiological control substance that is available and has become the fastest oxidizing agent.

When these ozone equipments are brought into the contact of Air or Water, it simply kills all the bacteria, as well as the viruses including the micro-organisms & cysts in a very short period. Any kind of decay that occurs due to these micro-organisms can simply prohibited and the shelf life increases when treated with Ozone.

A broad range of ozone generators such as air ozone generator as well as the water ozone generator are basically designed to manufacture the high concentration of ozone. Moreover, these arrangements are done to generate the low concentrations of ozone. While, the arrangement settings must be changed that differs the ozone generation from low to high concentration.

These are generally designed as per the international standards, and are light in weight and compact in size. Besides the water purification applications, these generators are also used in the laboratories and the research centre.

While, the Air ozone generator is very widely & effectively used in several industrial applications and is used for industrial odor control. There is no need to use carbon filter or any form of air scrubbers. Just using these types of generators will fight against all types of odors may it be generated through water or air.