Technology can change the way people live their lives. But when technology tries to improve life at its core… something extraordinary happens. Health & hygiene for instance – is the basic prerequisite for a happy life, be it in a family, business and industrial establishments, educational institutions, hotels, hospitals or even small shop or even your car. Creation of healthy & hygienic conditions by itself is an achievement. But when someone goes a step further and uses technology that is environment-friendly and sustainable, it wins hands down.


INTRODUCTION: The brain child of Mr. Trilok Shankar, an entrepreneur with a ‘Midas touch’ for successful businesses, TechGreen Solution (TGS ) is a company formed with the vision to bring and promote green technologies that impacts people lives positively. Always on the lookout for new & emerging technologies that aligns with his Vision for the company,

PURPOSE :    TGS has positioned itself to be in the top list of regional players south of sahayadris with a keen sense on research and development to enhancement of product. We back this up with a state of the art cutting edge technology to gain a unique position in the minds of our customers.To be a market leader in designing manufacturing and marketing green technology using the state of the art Technological products, enhanced services, relationships and higher profitability.

VISION :  To be the best in this field by Providing Quality Products and Quality Services that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

MISSION :  To build long term relationship with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology. To build a sustainable long term relationship between TGS and its customers by creating and building a relationship based on trust and personal responsibility and a satisfying ownership. This will be pursued and upgraded by constant product innovation and upgrading technology

ETHICSAt TGS, we maintain the highest standards with customers, all stake holders and the community at large. Value and reward open two way communication. We are accountable for our actions conduct and decisions.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION:   AAt TGS, we consider the customer in every part of the journey . We aspire to do what is right for the customer and care for the eco system at large. We build long term sustainable relationship with our customer and stake holders

GOAL :  Expanding TGS across India and then making inroads to the overseas market. To develop a strong base of key customers, increase the product range and to address every segment where our range of products can be implemented.To build a good reputation in this field of Green technology and become a key player in the industry.To align resources to strengthen readiness by allocating an appropriate mix of resources for easy access and quality service for customer/client satisfaction. Establish channel partners and ambassadors for synergizing and cooperating with the marketing team.

CORE VALUES:   We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith and we grow through Creativity, Invention and Innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.

SCOPE OF WORK : TGS will consult, design, manufacture, commission and service all its range of products .Years of experience in manufacturing and field testing has proven that our products are most user –friendly, reliable and easy to maintain. Our products are designed assembled and tested to the highest standards, to ensure that every equipment leaving TGS factory will work under any demanding conditions.